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Book Clients

Rizevo helps you automate appointments. No more back-and-forth discussions on availability. Customers see your schedule and choose the day and time that works for them.

Get Paid

With Rizevo, you get paid faster. No need to send bank account details. No need to ask who made what payment. Customers simply make payment right after booking your services.

Manage Bookings

Everything you need to know about your bookings. Who booked? For what time? Which service? Which team member? Rizevo makes life easier.

More Reasons to Love Rizevo

Your personal booking link

No need for long discussions. Simply share your booking link and customers can see a list of your services, cost and duration.

Involve team members

Customers can choose who they would like to handle their service. Team members can view and manage their bookings. Everybody is happy.

Automatic customer reminders

Rizevo helps you reduce no-shows by reminding your customers about their appointments through both email and SMS.

Set your terms

Do you require complete or part payment for bookings? Not a problem. You can set this easily on Rizevo.

Get more clients

Showcase your business and be discovered by new customers through the Rizevo business directory (coming soon).

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Get paid for priority bookings

Do you run a busy business where general appointment booking may be difficult? With Rizevo, time-conscious customers can pay a fee to be attended to without delay.
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